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Indian Hills Recreation Area

This is a very pretty nature exercise trail in Ft. Pierce, FL On the south side of the road is a grassy trail weaving through the waterways.


There is a pavilion with several picnic tables and a BBQ grill.There are a couple of resting areas with a semi-shaded view of the waterway. There water level was fairly low, which could account for there not being much in the way of wildlife. Just a couple of birds and a couple of turtles. However, when I went to the other side of the road, guess what I saw!

Yep… a Baby alligator! It was only about 1 1/2 ft, if that. I tried to get a video of it as it was walking away from me, but he hunkered down into the grass and tried to hide from me.

The North side of the road is a gravel trail that winds around a fairly large lake.  There are a couple of exercise stops along the way and 3 pavilions with picnic tables. And, I seem to have lost a couple of photos of it, so it will give me a good excuse to go back and visit again.

That’s all for now.