1.All photos attached to blogs are ones I have found using a google search. I own no rights to them.

2.All photos on the front page are my own handiwork and are protected under copyright laws. You are welcome to share them as long as you keep the watermark on them.

3.All writings are protected under copyright laws and are my own thoughts, inspired by God. You are welcome to share them if you feel it will help another person.

4.As you read through the letters to the churches, you need to be aware of the circumstances I was in for many of them. I was, for a period between January 2012-June 2012, living in my car and looking for work. I pretty much relied on God to supply everything. Some of the letters may seem harsh, but I honestly believe in letting people know when they either are really excellent – hoping to encourage them, or if they are extremely bad, hoping to make them better. It is a gift(sometimes a curse) to see where improvements can be made. Often I don’t say anything, but if I feel it will help the business or church, then I let them know.

If they are just middle of the road, I usually don’t say anything unless I am asked for my opinion. I won’t give the names of the churches unless I have their permission to put their name on here, but will let you know the city.

If I feel they are teaching the Word of God Wrong, I ALWAYS send a note to the pastor explaining why it is wrong.