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Oxbow Eco Center, Pt. St. Lucie, FL

Before I get to the center, I have to give this little guy his shot in the spotlight. I saw him as I was hiking to the center and almost stepped on him.

I wasn’t sure what it was until I got him to climb on the stick. You have to admit, he made a nice camouflage home. I guess it keeps the birds from eating him. Now on to the center.

I can only say if you like hiking I suggest you put this area on your to-do list! I fell in love with it as soon as I hit the parking lot and was welcomed by grasshoppers and butterflies. I got there too late in the day to enjoy the whole area, but I did have an opportunity to visit the center and take two partial trails.

This grasshopper was being very elusive and playing hard to get until another one showed up and sat perfectly still for me. I had an awesome opportunity when I finished walking the trail. I sat down on one of the many benches and one of the grasshoppers was actually having a baby.

Yes I thought grasshoppers laid eggs too, but when I checked I learned that some grasshoppers actually have babies also. Unfortunately my phone battery had died, so I missed that opportunity.

They have about 9 trails all together that total about 3 1/2 miles. The photos I took include the center, part of the Gopher Tortoise trail and part of the Blue Heron Trail. I will have to get there earlier so I can enjoy the other trails. But until then, I hope you enjoy what I did see.

The Center is absolutely beautiful!

At the front door your greeted by this really cute Heron and tulips made out of wood. At the door is a board that shows the status of the trails, if its muddy or clear or closed. On the inside there is a display that has descriptions of all the different fish and creatures you might meet along the trails. There is a very small gift shop for the souvenirs like T-Shirts and walking sticks that you can get.


There is a second room which is a bit more fun with lots of critters.  The pull out bins let you get a closer look at the small frogs and tarantula . Each of the cases has a name card on it which tells you the name of the creature, what the creature is, and how the center acquired the creature. They also have a science center which allows you to peak through a microscope.

On the outside of the building is a beautiful butterfly garden.

All over are the place are creatures made from wood, recycled tires and if you drink too much water you might get some ideas from the big ant made from lots and lots of plastic water bottles, which is close to the outdoor stage.

On the trail I chose to walk down, though I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife, I did enjoy all the different plant life which is there.

The trail was easy to walk down, clearly marked with colored, numbered posts. I’ve heard that people can get lost in this area. There area also viewing platforms, boardwalks to go across the watery areas and also lots of benches and picnic tables to sit, rest and enjoy the natural surroundings.

I am told that the Scrub Jay trail is hard to travel during the rainy season and you may need to wear galoshes to get through it.

I will have to revisit the area soon.