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I know that girls will relate to this more than guys, but it is very important for the men to be aware of this also. Why? Because spirits have no gender; gender, color, size and shape are all external adornments. And spiritual rape can happen to men just as much as women. So what in the world am I referring to?

Do you remember back in your teen years, you would go out on a date then go to a secluded spot so the two of you could “talk”. As an adult you might even invite this person into your house. Then one thing leads to another and things are building up and getting a little frisky, but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into the pool just yet. So you say, “Stop” or “No”.

If your partner is respectful, they will understand and stop.

Unfortunately, not everyone is that nice and some will force their will on you whether you like it or not. In the physical world this is called rape. It is one person exerting power over another and it can cause not only physical pain, but it can also cause mental pain. Some never recover from the event and hide in a box, never being truly happy again.

This can happen in the spiritual world also. One thing to always remember about the spiritual realm is that it is all about freedom of choice. YOU are the one to choose, not anyone else. If you decide you are not happy with the spiritual family you are with, then it’s your choice whether to move on to another or not. All you have to do is say NO or STOP, then leave.

But I have learned the hard way that not all spirits like to follow the rules. They insist on proving they have power over others. They don’t take no and stop for an answer but will keep on and keep on until they wear you down and destroy you.

There are commonly known as Jezebel Spirits. They are destroyers. They will seduce, lie, trick, deceive and will do everything they can to exert their power over you. They can cause a lot of harm to anyone they can get their grasp on. Once they find an opening, they will not stop until the one they are after is totally destroyed.

This is what I just recently experienced when I befriended a spiritual person. He lured me with his cute and gentle attitude. Bit when he asked me to marry him I thought it was time to end it and just stay friends. I said no and asked him to leave me alone.

But he called to me in spirit and like a puppet I responded. I ended up getting trespassed from a park I loved walking at in the morning. I then demanded the spirit to stay away from me, saying I wanted nothing more to do with it and left.

But he still would not take no for an answer and called on me again and again. He tricked me into leaving my backpack with him,promising no one would mess with it and it was stolen. And he also got me to a park just in time to get trespassed yet again.

That was the breaking point for me. My self-preservation kicked in and I decided that if that spirit wouldn’t listen to me that I would call on all the powers to rebuke it and keep it away from me. I also declared openly for that spirit to forget my name and never to call on me or come near to me ever again forever. I also demanded my backpack be returned intact. Now if this spirit does not listen, it will not be me it has an issue with. This spirit was causing me to become angry and hateful against God. I told him I was never so miserable in all my life than when I was around him.

So remember, it is your choice where you desire to be. If you’re not happy where you are, or not happy with the spiritual family you are with, then it is your choice to leave and change families. If a spirit keeps harassing you, do not be afraid to call for help from other spiritual people. I have encountered two of these spirits now and though I may meet others I will never be seduced by them again.

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
Fool me thrice will never be

Learn to recognize the Jezebel Spirit before you meet them. They are wicked and hard to defeat. First they are seductive. They will lure you in with a beautiful attitude and then once they have found a way in, that is when they start their destruction. They will lie and change their story to fit the need to cover their tracks and they will deceive whenever possible. They never take responsibility for their actions, always putting it on others. They also have other people do their “dirty work” so they themselves can never be blamed. They will also try to separate you from your friends and family so they have less worry from those that might warn you of what is happening.

The bad thing is, you don’t realize what is happening until they have the claws into you so it’s harder to get free. The great prophet Elijah feared Jezebel and fled into the wilderness to escape her. Imagine now someone of lesser power than a prophet getting grasped into the clutches of Jezebel.

There is power in the name of Jesus when fighting her and there is power when people are united against her. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have a Jezebel spirit after you. But also learn to fight it off and you will be not only stronger but you will be wiser.