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Take Time

This is the time of year we all get busy buying gifts and making plans for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Years.

As we start our holiday shopping, please take time to remember those who don’t have anything.

Give gifts of toys to underprivileged kids, put a dollar or two into the Salvation Army bell ringers bucket, donate unused items to a local thrift store, give a gift to a homeless person or help fill shoe boxes at church. But take a moment to help someone you don’t know.

Also, keep peace and patience waiting in lines at stores, open doors for people who have their hands full, don’t mind walking a few extra steps and save the close up parking places for older or disabled people who can’t walk as far as you.

There is much you can do do brighten lives during this month of celebrating.

The smallest gesture can mean the most.