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Focus, Focus, Focus

Don’t worry! Do you know what worry does? It makes life miserable for you and everyone around you.

But did you know if you can change your focus and concentrate on doing something productive rather that focusing on your problem, it will help make things better.

Maybe volunteer to help other people. Oh! There are a gazillion volunteer opportunities all over the place, pick one or two and go for it.

Once you focus on helping other people rather than on whatever is going on with you, then you will not be drowning in worry. If possible, choose something where you have interaction with people. Soup kitchens that feed poor and homeless people, or maybe companion services where you spend time with sick or elderly people or even help tutoring students. What do you like to do? Maybe broaden your horizons by making what you do a volunteer project.

If your home bound, you can hit the online chat rooms. I know an old lady (86) that got into helping people doing technical support for those who had broken computers. Oh there are possibilities upon possibilities. There are even places where you can read to the elderly or other home bound people.

The important thing is to change your focus off your problem and onto the other person’s. Focus on helping them, on being compassionate. Not only will your worry lessen, but your life and the life of those around you will be easier.

Yes, its okay to still talk about whats going on with you, but make it minimal, keeping your focus on making someone else think life will be better.

I had a friend named Max. He was a wonderful wonderful person. Always overflowing in laughter and such a joyous spirit. I didn’t find out until the day after he died, that the whole time I knew him, he had been battling cancer. He had never said a word about it. He didn’t want people to know because he didn’t want their worry to drag him down.

Don’t mistake worry for caring and visa versa. Caring people ease your pain, and try to make you feel better. Worry worts make it a burden to even want to be around them because they make you feel bad for having a problem.

So change your focus onto something else and you will begin to feel better.

It will work, guaranteed!





You might even start saying thank God, I’m not like that!