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LaBelle, FL

Faith's Adventure

Yikes! No Brakes! I guess I never really noticed that the rear brake wasn’t working because I’ve been on flat land until I had to go over the bridge where all the roads intersect. Going down hill, I tend to use the rear brakes more than the front. I was very surprised when I had no rear brake. Good thing my front brakes were working.

There was a decent shoulder on the road up to the point the construction began. Fortunately, I was able to ride on the road being worked on. Actually it was pretty cool – I had the whole road to myself. I’m not exactly sure how far it went, but it was almost all the way into LaBelle.

LaBelle is a fairly small little town, with a population of almost 5,000. Its like it was trying to stay an old small town, but everything was being…

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