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Look! A Sunset!

Faith's Adventure

Here are all the photos I promised. Not much going on, I’ve rested for an extra day and will be heading towards Belle Glade tomorrow morning.

Now how is that for a sunset? I was going across a canal when I saw the sun starting to set and thought ya’ll would enjoy it. I’m not on the coast yet, but I was able to get a sunset shot.

I also found this nice looking bicycle sitting all alone by itself, unlocked. It kept saying I’m nicer than your bike! Don’t worry I didn’t take it, I am definitely not a thief. But it sure was tempting.

Here are the photos of the plants on my trailer, they have grown a little bit since I hung them, but they do seem to be happy, even though it got very cold last night.

And finally the Iguana pics. I missed one of…

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