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Camera Hog!

Faith's Adventure

I think by now ya’ll know I love talking to animals, but this little guy was a camera hog… especially if you gave him a peanut. Lots of people don’t like squirrels, but I think they can be pretty cute.

I’ve been working on fixing little things on my bike this last week. For example, the seat; the vinyl has been cracking and coming off and part of the foam has broken away. It was really hard to find a small piece of foam so you know what I did?

I took a Nerf ball from the dollar store and cut it up and glued it to the seat.

I’ve also bought 1/2 yd of black vinyl from Walmart for almost $3.00 so I can re-cover the seat. I got some tacks to attach the vinyl to the seat, but they might be too long.

I have also started my…

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