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Life’s Roller Coaster

Well, I apologize for not having posted any thoughts over the recent days, but it has been a horrible, horrible couple of weeks for me and my nerves are very frazzled at the moment.

My backpack was stolen and I have had a stalker following me everywhere ( finally got rid of  him) and today the icing was put on the cake. I was hiking down to the library when I saw a homeless person I have befriended. I walked up to be sure he was okay and a couple of guys that were there asked me to stay with him for a few minutes while they went to the store to get him a sandwich. He is a known alcoholic and was shaking pretty bad. He told me he had passed out on his way back from church yesterday and he wasn’t feeling well.

While I was waiting for they guys to come back the cops showed up and told the two of us that we were trespassed from the park.

 I asked the cop “I just stopped to check on him what did I do wrong?” He said I was on city property.

One of the guys that went to get the sandwich came back and the cop told him he was trespassed also. The guy looked at him and asked, “I just brought the guy a sandwich, what did I do wrong?” The cop said he was on city property.

That person isn’t homeless, he has a house and a job and was only doing a nice deed. Unfortunately, he and the cop got out of control and he ended up getting arrested. I wish I had had my phone charged so I could have video taped that incident, because the cop should have been nice enough to answer the question and it should never have gotten that out of control.

I told the officer that I would be getting a lawyer because it isn’t right that I get in trouble for doing absolutely nothing wrong. He said you not in trouble, your just not allowed to come back to this park for a year.  To me it is the same thing.

I asked him if someone was robbing a store and I just happened to be outside the store when it happened would I get arrested for just being there? He said that is a totally different circumstance. I said, technically its not. You are saying I have done something wrong without proof of it, I just happened to be at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Whatever made me think this was a nice city to move to is beyond me, I am not sure how much more of it I can take.




A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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