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Good, Bad and Odd

Well, I tried my hardest to fix my laptop, but I couldn’t even get it into the Bios (google it)

So I opened it up and absolutely could not find a hard drive…. I asked a techie friend of mine and sent him photos. He thought the hard drive was in the same place I thought it was….. But…. It wasn’t.  So I broke down and went to a computer repair shop.he said, there is no old fashioned hard drive, the operating system is installed onto the mother board. No wonder I couldn’t find it. So the good news is, I now know how to get into the bios the new way (esc +f2 +f12)

The bad news is, if I want that guy to fix it, I was looking at $100.

And the odd news… I told the guy to keep it. It has given me more problems than any computer I’ve ever had and I haven’t even had it a year yet.

So I am laptopless for a short time until I find a decent one.



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