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Dupuis Equestrian Campground, Indiantown, FL

Wow! It’s been a very exciting but calm and peaceful week. The last time I was in town, I ended up having to walk the 12 miles back to the camping ground, but as I was heading back, every time a truck filled with corn passed by it seemed that the two or three ears of corn would fly off, so I decided to pick them up as I walked along, lol. I gathered about 9 ears altogether. I left the rest sitting on the roadside for the animals. I gave some to a couple of people and then put a couple on the fire to have with my dinner.

I’ve never cooked corn on a fire without aluminium foil before and wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I through the corn in the fire and turned it occasionally so it wouldn’t catch fire or get burned. I’m not sure how long I cooked it, maybe 15-20 minutes. I can honestly say, that was the best corn I’ve cooked. It was juicy and tender, not charred on the inside and easy to take the husk off. If you try it just lay it on the outside of the main part of the fire, not in the middle.

And there must have been something in the air because the next day someone decided to feed the alligators and they decided to go looking for food. It caused a lot of panic with the camp hosts because there was a baby and a cat roaming around and no one wanted them to become lunch. Needless to say we were asked, in the middle of the night, to pack up and move over to the equestrian camping area.

I have never been so disorganized in my life. Everything stuffed in bags quickly and moving over to the other campground. I had told the host I can’t walk that far without everything properly packed, so they were kind enough to drive me to the other area.

Wow, what a nice area for horses, hiking and camping. They had an area for horses to be, with rv’s and trailers, but they also had a place for tent camping without horses. There were covered picnic tables, porta-potties and also a building that had bathrooms and a shower. For the horses there were stables and drinking troughs. The trails are marked so horses stay on certain trails.

I made friends with a few of the campers there and we all gathered around a fire together each night and talked and laughed. The one named Edward was also a pretty awesome cook. He got me caught up in learning how to play cribbage. Oh man, that game can be confusing if you don’t understand the rules. I won the first game and lost another 5 (I think he was giving me chances on the first one)…. When Cathy joined in, we chose different games to play including different poker games, and then we really had fun playing the child’s game “go fish”.

I walked around the Equestrian center on the weekend when all the horses came in. I am told it will be busier this next weekend because they are having something called a poker run. It where all the riders go through the trails and find cards hidden along them. Whoever gets the best hand wins.

The equestrian part had several stable areas as well as fenced in parts where horses could run free.

There are trails upon trails in this camping area. I haven’t made it back to the big lake yet, but my 8 days are up, so I had to leave for a bit. Maybe next time I visit I will make it back there. It’s about 7 miles back which is about about 2 1/2 hour hike. Since I am trying to rest my foot so it will heal, I decided not to go there unless I could get a ride.

But the short hikes I took were nice. Cathy, who is from Wisconsin, is an avid hiker/camper/biker. She can keep up quite a pace when hiking and is very prepared to do day hikes. She took me back to where the eagles nest was. Unfortunately, there were no eagles to be seen. But I did get glimpses of some of the lizards in the area, one I have yet to be fast enough to get a photo of. Its a non-native species called African Redhead Agama. I also tried to get a photo of a cool looking spider, but I think he moved before I got the shot. All the wild flowers are blooming right now, including the cacti, which were drawing the bees.

I tried to get some photos of the sunrises and sunsets, but it was difficult through the many trees in the area. Don’t worry… I am saving the best part of the trip for the last!

Cathy and I also got into discussions trying to decide what foot prints belong to what animals. Most, like the deer, raccoons and the Bobwhite Quail where easily identified, but there were a couple we just were not sure of because of the size more than anything.

And now to the finale!

I was taking one of my short morning hikes two days before leaving and on my way back…. guess what comes charging out of the brush at me?!?!

A wild HOG! I have heard so many stories of wild hogs attacking people, I was thrilled, and not sure of what to do at the same time. As I grabbed for my camera, it decided to turn around and went back into the brush…. but ha ha.. thought that was the end of the story? Nope! right as that one was heading back into the brush, three little piglets (hoglets?) came rushing out and two of them stopped right in front of me while the third crossed the road and ran off to my left. I quickly took a picture I thought I had missed and they ran after the other baby. (If you look carefully,  you might be able to spy them in the two photos of the brush.)

After snapping those photos, my brain started to register… babies?… Mama.. I better scat quickly before she comes back. As I continued walking down the path, looking to the right for the mother and wondering what to do if she charges me, from the left the 3 little piglets come charging back out of the brush and almost swept me off my feet! I was startled because I wasn’t looking that direction, since the mother would have been off to the right. They went back off to the right following the direction I think the mother went.

I was relieved because now they would be back with their mother and I just kept walking back to camp, laughing the whole way back. Oh boy! If all adventures in life were that exciting, we would hear the world laughing together in joyous unison! I loved it.

I am back in Indiantown at the moment and will be heading to Stuart tomorrow unless there is a reason for me to stay. Part of me wants to go back out for one more week out there, the other part says its time to head home. I can only hope that my adventure never ends, even if I am heading back to work. I am very relaxed and ready for whatever comes my way.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.





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