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Indiantown, FL, revisited

I headed back to the Dupuis campground at Indiantown, FL. I had hoped to spend more time here last time I visited, but it fills up quickly on the weekends so I wasn’t able to stay for a long time. This time I made my reservation well in advance so I can spend an entire week there because this campground is extremely large and I have only seen one small portion of it.

As I headed to the campground at sunrise, all I could think is how beautiful it must be that morning on the beach. The trees seemed as if they were holding the sun in their grasp as I took the photo. It would have been nicer to not have the light pole from the parking lot, but that is the world of development. A world where nature and technology meet and become one.

It is still beautiful, but a different kind of beauty. When I got into Indiantown and sat and waited for the call of a friend who was going to be joining me the camp host came up to me and offered me a ride the rest of the way. Awesome! They are wonderful people!

I’ve noticed that most camp hosts are very down to earth friendly people. Woohoo! The alligator was out to greet me too.

It is funny that I was able to get just a few feet away from it and it not budge, but when I turned to walk away it went flying into the water. Later that day, it decided to take a walk towards the camp hosts camp and the wildlife people were called to come catch it. I will find out later today if they ever came, but as of this morning the gator was still caught in a pipe in a culvert behind the hosts camp.

I took some miscellaneous photos of the family campground at gate 1

The flower and the dry creek bed are in the wilderness area that surrounds the campground. Its amazing how dry it is here, yet there is still lush life. And yes, I do believe wildflowers are beautiful. They have a special place because they were created to be here. The bromeliad growing wild on a tree, which most people love and a flower which most would consider a weed.

As I laid down for the night I noticed the dragonfly on the inside screen of my tent. He didn’t want to leave, and it took me a while to entice him out but I finally did. I would feel really yucky if I accidentally squished him in the night without knowing it. I hope to be heading over to the other gates either tonight or tomorrow and see what else this camping ground has to offer. I also have made it a personal goal to make it to the lake that is 7 miles down from the camping ground.

My clock is at a standstill now. I am unmotivated to finish it. I hope I can regain the motivation soon because otherwise it would all be a waste and I would have to carry all that wood with me when I leave on Monday.

It is nice to relax for a week and who knows, maybe my foot will heal enough to do some more traveling, lol….

I am off for now, but will update the blog in a few days.





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