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Hutchison Island, FL

Well I made it to the beach! It was interesting getting here and VERY breezy! The wind was blowing my back pack and I probably looked like a drunk walking down the street because when the wind would stop blowing I would stagger a little bit from not fighting it. Oh boy.

But come walk with me and enjoy the trip because, even though it was windy, it was beautiful.

I had stopped at the library for a few minutes because I got a call for a contract job and needed to prepare for that. I couldn’t  believe it. All the years I’ve been camping, all the woods I’ve been in, all the animals I’ve seen, I have never had a problem with critters getting in my food. But I go into the library for a couple of hours and something ripped the side of my rain cover and got into my bread!


It’s not a real big deal. That loaf was for the critters that come around when I sit in the parks. Down in Stuart there is a park called Shepherds park. Be warned! The squirrels will surround you and beg you for food, especially if you sit at a picnic table. I might go back there today just to get a picture of them for you.

After I left the library I went through the downtown area. What a pretty place with lots and lots of restaurants.


I think if you like food, you will love Jensen Beach. I missed Jammin Jensen. Every  Thursday (or once a month.. not sure), they have a some kind of event where everyone comes out and they have a big street party.

As I got close to the causeway and could see the lagoon, I could also see the storm coming in from the coast and started to worry I might get wet.

Fortunately I made it to a place called Ocean Breeze park. It is just before you cross over the bridge. I decided to sit there for a few minutes to see if it was going to rain. The picnic tables under the pavilions are covered with bird droppings and fish blood. I wouldn’t go there if you want to eat. I would go over the bridge to the next park.

While sitting at Ocean Breeze, I enjoyed watching the pelicans waiting next to the fisherman that was cleaning his fish. They were just patiently waiting for him to drop some goodies to the ground. Waiting in line like at a cafeteria.

On the other side the pelicans were just sitting and preening. Every now and then, one would fly into the water and catch a fish. I was about to try to get a video, but someone started asking me about the camping and hiking. We got to talking about the Dupuis camping ground and I said I was going to go back out there a few days ago, but my food was hurting too much to walk out there. He said he was heading there on Tuesday and offered me a ride there if I was still in the area.

But the sun started shining and I decided to head off to the beach. He said he was heading that direction and offered me a ride over the bridge.

The beach was absolutely beautiful. The water was crystal clear and the waves were just rolling, rolling, rolling. I suggest anyone traveling through Florida, stop in and visit this beach.

I decided to enjoy the beautiful day and work on my clock for a bit. Unfortunately my plans changed quickly as the storm came quickly with 45 mph winds and lots and lots of rain. Everyone from the beach came running to the pavilions. Well, everyone except the surfers. They went running to the beach!

I am going to finish this clock one day soon. I should be heading out to the Dupuis camping ground again next week, so if I have to finish it there, I will.

Until then I will keep looking at property in this area because I like it. Here are some miscellaneous photos. One is just some wild flowers in bloom along the walk, one is a fisherman standing in the lagoon and one is the sailboats moored in the lagoon.

I am having issues seeing the pictures I’ve added in, so I hope I don’t miss any. I’ll check the post again later to make sure everything looks ok, but I think I will have to be at a better connected area.



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