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Port St. Lucie, FL, II

Actually I am not sure how many posts I’ve done for this area, lol… oh well. I went slightly north because I am searching for a new tent. I really don’t like this a-frame style of tent, it is too hard to get in and out and it doesn’t seem to keep the warmth in as well as the dome style. I found a nice one, but it is too heavy for backpacking. So I am looking around for something else. If I can wait until next weekend, Dicks sporting goods is having a grand opening sale in Jensen.

But as I was heading out I decided I would wait for the bus and take it a couple of miles. As I sat there waiting, these two cranes landed right next to me and decided to take a stroll across the highway.

I sat wondering if they should learn how to use the cross walk, but I noticed they were pretty good at going in between the cars and just laughed at the expressions on the people faces as they passed by.

I don’t know what happened to the bus, it never showed up, so I decided to walk a little ways and this little gopher tortoise decided to come out of his hole in the ground to say hello.


I finally caught the bus and almost wish I hadn’t. I got a grumpy bus driver that got upset because I had the wrong fare. I told her last time I was on the bus there it was only a dollar. She said nope, its two dollars, read the sign. Patience is something I have a lot of, but some days I just don’t feel like hearing grumpy attitudes.

So when I got to McDonald’s later I decided enough is enough. I was standing there 15 minutes waiting for a cup of coffee. I saw the survey thing on the receipt and decided to tell them what I thought about it.

I also decided I would not be relying on McDonald’s so much any more. There are other places to visit, even if I do have to pay a little more for my coffee.

And just a quick update.  Yesterday morning as I was off to get my coffee, I took some crackers out of my pouch to munch on and these two cranes walked across the street and took the crackers right out of my hand.

I also think my hiking days are coming to an end. My foot was really hurting me yesterday, so I never made it to Hutchison Island. I have been told its beautiful. Maybe another time, but not until my foot feels better.




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