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Jensen Beach, FL

I am at the library today in Jensen Beach. What a pretty place this is. It is kind of away from the bustle of all the businesses around it. Hidden on a couple of sides by the plants and trees native to this area. I am told that Hutchinson Island is very pretty and just over the bridge. I might take a walk over there tomorrow and see, but that remains to be seen. It has been an exhausting couple of days.

I really wanted to go back to Dupuis campground, but they are booked through the weekend. I’ve had many places suggested to me that I can go to until I can get out there, but everyplace is full. The park ranger said its because of spring break. I had completely forgotten about that.

So, I am wandering around last night trying to figure out where to go to sleep for a night or more until I can get out to the campground and I get a phone call from a friend. I set my backpack down and sat to talk, because this person can talk your ear off for hours. And as I am sitting there I noticed a small path going off into the woods and thought.. I wonder…

I ended my conversation and decided to take a hike into the woods and ooooh man, look what I found!


A small lake in the middle the woods.

It looks like someone else had found it at sometime, because there was a place for a fire with a few bottles around it. There is also a dirt road winding around through the woods. Whether its weekend party people or if there had been a homeless camp here at one time I’m not sure, but I decided I would stay for the night. It was pleasant and fairly quiet all night long.

The path in was through a bunch of birch trees. I believe these are called river birch, but I’m not positive. The ground is very very dry, but the trees were beautiful. I was so relaxed there that I slept in late (10:30) which is not like me at all.


I am very grateful for the rest, though, because I was looking for a clock movement yesterday and by the time I got to Walmart, I was exhausted and my feet were killing me. I actually considered riding around in one of those electric carts. I changed my mind because I might have too much fun riding around in it. Cart Race!


I think this clock is going to be beautiful by the time I finish it. I just need to make a dragon fly and a backing then I can put it all together. Funny, it started off as a picture frame and has evolved into a clock.

Have an awesome day!







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