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Stuart, FL II

I decided to head back out to the Dupuis Camping ground for a couple more days, but when I got to Stuart I realized I hadn’t made my reservation and they are all booked up for the weekend. I kept myself busy anyways.

I wandered over to the St Lucie river inlet and see what it looked like. It wasn’t easy getting photos from the section I went down, but it was a pretty walk. I hit an older “fixed up” section of the historic downtown area. The red and white house is a European Anti-Aging Clinique.

I also found a nice city park dedicated to war heroes of the past. It had a pond that was made with “reclaimed” water. I haven’t decided if its a good thing or not yet, this reclaimed water idea. They say don’t drink, but yet they allow kids to swim in it? And it has an aroma that isn’t very pleasant to me. I guess its something you might get used to if your around it enough.

There was an elusive bird there that looked kind of like a long legged kingfisher; I have to identify the bird still. I was trying to get a picture of it when Mr. Duck here decided to go chasing after the little female that came around. Their antics scared everything away.

I start my next wood project while I was sitting there because it was a beautiful day for it. I haven’t decided yet if I like how its turning out. But it is just started, so I can’t judge it until I get it all finished. I did have a time with the paint though, everyone that I opened poured out like water flowing down Niagara Falls! Good thing I picked up some hand wipes when I was at the store.


Today I have to decide if I am going to hang around until Monday and head out to Dupuis, or if I am going to head back south and save Dupuis for another time. Its a bit chilly out this morning and tomorrow is going to be colder so I am not going to be doing much outside.



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