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Vero Beach, FL

Welcome to Middleton’s Fish Camp at Blue Cypress Lake about 25 miles west of Vero Beach, FL. These people are awesome and this camping area is way more than what I expected. They had bathrooms with showers!

There is fishing from the bank and fishing from the boats. You can bring your own boat or rent a boat – they have pontoon boats and small fishing boats. They also have tours that you can take on the pontoon boats where they will take you to all the best spots for viewing the Osprey nests and other wildlife. I saw many photographers visiting the area looking for good pictures of the wildlife.


I could not get enough of this place and wish I could have spent more time there, but I am on a mission this trip. I only stopped to make something I could not finish because I seem to have forgotten to bring all the proper tools and my paints. I’ll finish it when I pick up a few things from the store.

I took a gazillion pictures, but was having a lot of trouble between wind, sunshine, phone messing up, uploading, downloading and moving issues between phone, laptop and online. My phone to laptop did a weird thing and made enhanced photos so I ended up with twice the number of pictures. I hope I didn’t delete any of the good ones.

BTW… The phone service out here was spotty. The tower is a few miles away and service was coming and going as the planes flew over.

Go figure, out in the wilderness with no wifi, get to civilization and … no wifi! When I got back to town, it took me all day to find a good wifi connection to upload the pictures to the internet and when I finally did the transfer, it said that many of the files had errors. I’m not sure which files they were, but we will see.

When I first got here it was windy and busy as all get out! I got a kick out of watching the campers the next day trying to fold up their tents with the wind blowing them around. It reminded me of when I was at Fortuna Pond trying to put my tent away with the wind blowing it all around. Once the wind died down it was very peaceful.


There was a lot of plant life to take photos of from the cinnamon ferns to the cypress trees.  It was wonderful to be able to take the time to enjoy these for more than just one day.

I took a walk every morning and took pictures. I will admit I am not a plant expert, but I can honestly say that, yes wildflowers are beautiful. And they tend to attract beautiful bees and butterflies. I identified 2 types of bees here and at least 4 different varieties of butterflies.

I think if I had gone to California during the springtime I would have seen much more wildlife. But that is ok, it just means I will have to take another trip at some point, but I have a business to get started first. I probably would have also seen a lot more critters like the snakes. I saw two snakes here that I got pictures of and one that I didn’t realize was a snake when I saw it. I can only say it was a good thing it wasn’t poisonous! The poisonous one I came across is the cottonmouth. I apologize, the picture of it didn’t come out very well, but then I wasn’t going to get too close to a snake I’d never seen before. It wasn’t until later I found out it was a cottonmouth. The other snake is a yellow rat snake.

Casey from the store is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wildlife in the area. I think he enjoys  you picking his brain to identify different creatures so test his knowledge!

If you like birds you will love it here. I somehow didn’t get any photos of the Osprey, but I did get the egrets and one called a Limpkin. He is the brown one with white spots. And boy does he make a noise that would rival a bird 3 times his size! Limpkins are fairly rare and I do believe they are only found in Florida habitats.

Now its time for a bit of hide and seek. In the first set of photos there is a HUGE otter. The bugger wouldn’t sit still for me to get a good photo until my phones battery ran out, then he stood right up and looked straight at me. The whole rest of the time he just swam and ate and swam some more. Talk about a noisy eater… CRUNCH, MUNCH! He was louder than the alligators snoring at night.

The other hide and seek is the hawk I was trying to get a photo of and I couldn’t see the screen on the phone to see if I was aiming at him properly or not. Turns out it was NOT. In one photo you can seem him to the northwest of center and the other he is to the southeast of center and almost blends in completely with the tree.

Other critters include the alligators, turtles and rabbits

I think I’m missing some of the alligator photos, I’ll have to go find them on my phone and re-transfer them. That is for another day, for now the one will work. (like you’ve never seen an alligator, lol) I like how the one turtle was holding his back feet up like he was trying to air dry them or something. Almost makes him look like he is flying. There is much much more here to see and I will have to make another trip back to get better photos of the hawk, to get the Osprey, and the raccoons. Who knows there are probably other hidden treasures down what is called Danger Trail. I only went part of the way in there and found a pile of poop and I have no idea what made it.


If anyone knows, please let me know.



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