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Hobe Sound, FL

Talk about camera hogs! I was trying to get a good photo of the sandpipers, but this seagull hovered in my face, then started dancing at my feet and saying “Take one of me! Take one of me!” So the best sandpiper picture is not very good.


What a breezy overcast day it turned out to be. It would have been an awesome kite flying day, or even better….. Kite Surfing. For anyone who doesn’t know what kite surfing is, its like a surfboard with a parachute like kite attached to it and they use the wind to surf the waves. It actually looks like a lot of fun.

It may have been overcast and breezy at the beach, but the walk to get there was beautiful. I stopped on a bench to rest for a minute and took a picture of the Banyon trees. When google maps asked me if I wanted to share the “Tunnel of Trees” picture, I got curious and went to stand in the street. Sure enough, the trees made a tunnel over the roadway.

I love Banyon trees because their roots drop down from branches and twist all around to form trunks. They seem eerie in a way, reminding me of the old trees in the Hobbit movies. I almost expect them to come alive and start walking.


It stayed overcast and windy most of the day. The high was only 73 and the low went down into the 60’s. Welcome to Florida’s winter time, lol. You can tell the “snow birds” because they are wearing T-shirts and shorts and the people from Florida are wearing jackets.

I will admit that I am a bit surprised it hasn’t been colder. But then it seems the weather all over the place has been weird over the last year. I don’t mind a chill, but a windy chill can make you feel like a frozen Popsicle after a little while.

I am trying to decide if I am going to walk along the beach to the next city, or stay off the beach. It looks like its going to be sunny, but it also looks like another windy day. Decisions, decisions…. beauty or warmth….



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