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DuPuis WMA, Indiantown, FL

Oh I know you must be wondering what in the world is so interesting about a millipede going down a gravel road. Well, if you had seen how far he had come you wouldn’t ask. 🙂

His trail actually went quite a ways. I imagine he was doing the same thing I was doing. Trying to find the pond at the end of the road. I hope he finds it, I stopped walking after an hour of hiking and decided to just go back and relax the rest of the day.

I had hoped to stay the weekend here, but I guess it must be a popular spot and all the sites were full for the weekend. Maybe next time I head through here. And yes, I definitely will. It was beautiful and peaceful!

Its about a mile down a gravel road from the highway and you need a permit to unlock the gate. I found out there are actually 5 gates into the area including one to the office, one to an equestrian  center the one for the campers and one just for hikers. I don’t know what the fifth one is for, but that is ok.


I can see why hikers would like it here. There are trails upon trail upon trails leading all through this huge park.

While walking back to the pond that I never found, I saw a pair of nesting hawks, a rabbit, lots of chickadees and other small birds. The camping area is pretty secluded and very quiet. They are very strict about noise after certain hours.

When I got up yesterday morning I was greeted by a bird I very rarely see and wish I could have gotten a good picture of it, but he was too far away. It was a Belted Kingfisher. Oh it was adorable. Maybe next time I come through here I can get a picture of it.

The camping sites surround a pond that has a man made floating island in it. The pond itself is fairly shallow clear water and I am told that there are several alligators there, but I didn’t see them. Just birds.

I hope to visit here again in the near future. Oh that reminds me. You may want to visit in the winter time and not in the summer because of Mosquitos!



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