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Allapattah Flats, Indiantown, FL

Watch your step if your hiking in!!!

Nestled in the midst of a cow field is a wonderful secluded camping area. I do suggest bringing your own wood in because the area is barren of good fire wood, only having palm brush for starter wood.

Its a very peaceful area to camp in, but it only has 3 fire rings and a bonfire pit. You will need to get a Special Use Permit to camp here, it will allow you to open the gate and drive your car back.

Unfortunately, I missed a few good photo opportunities hiking back including a raccoon peeking out from the brush to see who was walking by. There was an alligator in the pond when I got there, but I’m not sure where he disappeared to and there were 3 deer that got scared off as I walked on the gravel road.


I wanted to go hug on a few of the baby cows but those momma cows were HUGE and then I saw the daddy of them all and just hoped he was a nice guy because he was bigger than all of them.


This camping area is actually only about 1 mile from I-95 and across the street there is an equestrian trail. You don’t need to worry about cows visiting you during the night either, they have the area fenced in. If you don’t mind being serenaded by cows during the night, you will love this place.

There is a bat sign hanging up, but I didn’t see any bats. I did hear owls hooting and saw hawks, eagles, herons and woodpeckers.

I decided to return my tent once again because the seams were coming loose. The only model they had in the store that wasn’t heavy and large to carry was this little a-frame tent. I don’t like it as much as the dome tents because the shape of the door makes it hard to get out of. But it is just as roomy inside as the other one, opening up to 7’x 5′.

I’ll give it a chance for a bit and see what happens. I need to “rain test” it. I found a nice place to set up a tent in between sites, but found a hole in the ground and wasn’t sure what kind of creature lived there.


I have been told that it is a gopher tortoise hole. I’ll remember that for the future.

I am off now to find another camping area. I need to have a place to stay until the weekend. I met a family which gave me a ride a few days ago. and the young son has talked about nothing but camping since we met. When I talked to his mother yesterday, he said “its only 4 more days until the weekend and I don’t have school, I can go camping!”

I hope to teach him to love nature and respect it rather than trashing and destroying it.






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