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What an awesome time of year! Babies, babies and more babies. The Osprey didn’t want to show her face for the camera. Every time I went click, she ducked for cover. That is ok, there are more. You will see these nesting sites all along the coast.

There isn’t much more here. In this area, all the riverfront property is owned by the homeowner across the street with private docks and no trespassing signs all over. Its a shame that the general public can’t enjoy it.

But if you like Osprey, you will enjoy the views here. There were many nests, some with fresh hatched fledglings, some with yet to hatch eggs.

There was supposed to be a full moon, an eclipse and a comet last night. I saw the full moon, but missed the rest of the show because I was too tired. It did not take me long to fall asleep.

I headed out early this morning hoping to get some distance before the heat of the day. As I sat and had something to eat at the gas station, a young man, maybe about 9-10 approached me. He offered me a LOT of change saying he had so much and wanted to share it with me so I could get something to eat.

Gives me some hope for the future, especially considering what happened next.

I made it to just south of Micco when someone offered me a ride down to Vero Beach. Awesome! That just made me a happy camper until the person made the suggestion about getting “extra favors” saying his young son in the back seat would not care.

Fortunately for me, the guy respected the words “I don’t do that”, but I was glad to be out of that car. What kind of parent would do such a thing in front of his child… geez. There are some sick people in this world. Fortunately I’ve been meeting all the nice ones most of this trip.

I think as soon as I have everything fully charged again, I will start heading West. Its about 30 miles out to the camping area. I hope to spend a couple of days there.



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