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West Melbourne, FL

Moon over McDonald’s? I don’t think that is how the song goes, but it was a cute thought before breakfast. Sorry for the blurry picture, my phone was having trouble focusing with all the different lights. It was quite a hike over to the sports store to trade my tent in.

They only had one other 2 person tent in stock. I almost went to a 3 person tent, but the length would have been too long for me by about 6 inches. So I have a different design. It was too late to set it up last night, but I hope to be at the next camping area by the end of the day. I’ll set it up and get a picture of it. It’s an A frame style.

It’s kind of sad loosing that other tent. I really liked it because it was large once you set it up. The tent I traded it for should be about the same length and width once its set up and and additional plus is the fact that it was less expensive than the other one, so now I have extra money to spend on a couple of things I could use. I was hoping for a camping stool, but they don’t have the little fold up ones that are light weight. But no worry, there are always new gadgets to sift through.

I went down to the river before I left Melbourne. Unfortunately the Manatees didn’t visit today. But I can honestly say that the Pelicans were having a ton of fun. I was trying to get a picture of one as he was diving, but it didn’t turn out. This river at Crane Creek park is where I saw my very first Manatee.

On the other side of the road bridge is a pier and if you continue to follow the river, you will eventually run into the Indian River. On the other side of the train bridge the river runs through a residential area.

The Melbourne/Palm Bay area is a very relaxed place in general. The people are nice and last I heard, they have a street party downtown on Fridays. Today I am heading towards Yeehaw Junction. I don’t know if I’ll make it because its 60 miles, but considering how well I’ve gotten rides in the past, I’m not going to say I won’t 🙂

Have an awesome day and keep that head up. Something good always come from the bad.





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