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Titusville, FL

As I was leaving Bithlo, I saw this odd junk car in a used car part yard. So I guess I was wrong there IS sometime unusual about Bithlo.

I hiked the rest of the day to a little place called Christmas and spent the night there. I woke up to a very foggy 52 degrees this morning and decided to headout before sunrise in hopes I could evade the hottest part of the day.

I made it about a mile down the road when a truck pulled up and asked if I would like a ride. Oh man, what a cool person. He worked at Kennedy Space Center!!! Can you just imagine having the opportunity to work with the future of space travel? Awesome!

He dropped me off in Titusville and I hiked down to the McDonalds to get the address of the campground on the North end of town. The road runs right along the Indian River, which is known for its abundance of sea birds including ospreys, spoonbills, krestel and egrets. It is also known for its aquatic creatures such as manatees, dolphins and alligators

Among the seagrass you will find wild morning glories and honeysuckle.

It is pretty here, but I also found that the camping grounds require a 7 day advance notice of being here, so I guess I will hike south towards Lake Okeechobee in the morning and see what camping areas I can find there. But before I go, I will see if I need to reserve a place so I don’t have this issue again.



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