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Melbourne, FL

One thing about Titusville is it has many small parks along the river. In one of the parks, I found this little alligator in a fenced in area. At first I thought it was just a log, but then he moved.


I decided to ride the bus south down to Melbourne, and guess what happened…. An old friend got on the bus just when I got into Melbourne. Wow, talk about awesome timing. Everyone calls him Country, and he is one jolly old guy. I’ve known him for a few years now and he is just a fun loving person who is always helping people.

We spent the afternoon catching up with each other about everything going on since the last time we saw each other a few years ago. Wow, that was an awesome way to end the day. He said he was thinking about taking a hike down to Key West in August. Oh now I have to hiking trips to consider. One heading north and one heading south.

I woke to a beautiful sunrise on a local pond. Its a shame the radio tower was there, but when your near cities, there isn’t much you can do about things like that.

I am currently at the library in Melbourne. I love this library because it has a pond and a park behind it filled with cranes, ibis, seagulls, pekin ducks, regular ducks and geese. Sometimes you might even catch a few people having boat races in the morning.

I will try to go by the riverfront here and see if the Manatees are around before I head over to the sports store. If they are I will post the pictures in the morning.




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