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Titusville, FL, part II

Well, I ended up staying another night in Titusville. As I was heading out of town someone told me where I could get pictures of dolphin feeding at sunrise, so I decided to see for myself. I didn’t get dolphins, but I did get seagulls, flowers and a few beautiful sunrise photos.

I also met some new friends and had a wonderful time sitting there all morning just passing the time away. I was told I could stay there as long as I wanted, but I really need to be secluded from people at the moment. My “carving craze” is kicking in and I need some peaceful sit still time for a couple of days for my creativity to have its time.

Yes, I do have a creative side! I am a woodworker and enjoy making things out of all kinds of wood. I don’t hold to just store bought planks, or fallen tree limbs, it all depends on what I feel like making at that particular moment.

The person who told me about this camping area likes hummingbirds, so I wouldn’t mind making a little something for him. But I think I am in the mood to make something else.

Unfortunately I have to stop at the camping store first. The tent I am using doesn’t seem to be holding up very well. I love the design of it, but the seams are coming apart and its a fairly new tent.

Once I leave the camping store I will continue on south, heading toward Lake Okeechobee.




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