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Bithlo, FL

Lots and lots of woods here to camp in. I didn’t get any photos because I don’t know how interested you would be in the local Fast Food places or banks and other stores.

I wish I had one of those surveillance cameras last night. Two deer passed RIGHT BY MY TENT last night!!!!! Oh man, I was ready to just jump out of my britches. At first I didn’t know what it was, just it was large and crunching the leaves and sticks. My first thought was human, so I got my taser out and waited. When the noise got louder and I could distinguish more than two feet, I realized that it wasn’t human and there were more than just two feet, but many.

I was about to look out the tent door when they went right next to the side of the tent. I have never ever been that close to wild deer before. I was wowed! I wanted to do it again and couldn’t sleep for an hour or so hoping they would come back through.

Wow, that just made my whole cruddy day become awesome!

Why do I say cruddy? Well, that is an odd story. I was sitting on my pack resting when a car pulled up not too far from me and I looked up. The guy got out and opened his trunk and it looked like a person was tied up in the back of it. I freaked out and tried to quickly get a picture of the car and license plate before they left.

Unfortunately, it was too far away for my phone to get a clear picture of it, but I did get a picture. So I called 911 and said I wasn’t sure what to do because I couldn’t tell her which way they went, but I got a fuzzy picture of the plate on the car 🙂

I watch waaaaaaay to much NCIS I think. I expect them to say, I’ll send someone over to get a copy of the photo and we can enhance it, etc. Where is Abby when  you need her?

What she said was, will you be there a while? I can send someone out there, but we are very busy and it will be a long time. Then she said it might have just been my imagination. I said well, maybe your right and hung up the phone.  I was bugged for the longest time and decided to just go down to the local police department and turn the photo in.

Well, guess what.the local police are at least 1/2 hour away by car. I was not going to walk 3 1/2 hours to turn the picture in.  I decided to just go find a place to sleep for the night and get it out of my head.

Maybe the deer omen will hold true and something good will come my direction today.



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