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Winter Garden, FL

A foggy morning on Lake Apopka in Winter Garden.

As the fog lifted, the lake yielded a beauty that just relaxed me enough that I had a hard time hiking down the road again. I took a short stroll down the lake side and just enjoyed the wildlife that existed there.

And guess what I found! Not one, but two bald eagles on the end of the pier. Unfortunately the pier was closed so I couldn’t get a close up picture of them, but I did the best I could with what I had.


There were many other water fowl there such as egrets, osprey, seagulls, ibis and something call an Anhingas to name a few.

And last but not least, the friendly neighborhood alligator decided to take a swim by.


If you like bird watching, you will love visiting this lake.

Well, I need to get myself motivated. I am currently just east of Orlando at the moment and have about 20 miles to get to the coastline in Titusville. I plan on going back inland when I get closer to Lake Okeechobee, but for now will stick to the coast.

I think I should have been born a mermaid. I love being surrounded by water.



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