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Wildwood, FL

Well, so much for plans! Good thing I am fairly flexible with my plans because otherwise I would be pretty upset at missing Neil’s Landing.

I had not made it outside Dothan before a big rig truck snuck up behind me. The guy in the truck offered me a ride as far as I-10. I was a little surprised because most of the people offering me rides have not been truckers but regular every day people. I must have had a hesitant look on my face because he said I didn’t need to worry. He said he is always picking up hitchhikers.

By the time we got down to I-10, he had already arranged another trucker to give me a ride down south near Tampa. I figured that would be ok and I could just hike from the west side over to the east.

We decided the best place to stop would be near Wildwood. It is just before the turnpike and there is a crossroad that runs to the east. I think he had hoped another trucker would offer me a ride over, but he only got a joke from someone asking if he was getting ride of his girlfriend, lol.

There is a camping ground close to here that I am considering going to, but think it would be best to start heading east.This part of Florida is absolutely beautiful, so I am in no rush, but would rather enjoy it as much as I can.

It’s only 48 this morning with a high of 73 expected, so it will be a beautiful day for a hike. Horse farms, cow pastures and alligators await me!



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