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Dothan, AL

It didn’t take me long to get a ride coming out of the Blackwater Forest. Part of me wanted to stay for about a week there because it was quiet and very relaxing. The ride took me into Crestview, FL. Its a city I know fairly well, having been through there many times. I decided to stay inside this time hoping that this head cold would go away.

When I left Crestview I was able to get a ride to the Alabama state line and then another ride to my mothers house in Dothan, AL.

I have now come full circle and am back to the point where I made my decision to head out to California. It is hard to believe that I made it all the way to California and back in only 2 months time. I had anticipated it taking me about 4-5 months just going west.I was very blessed with rides, but feel like it went by way too fast. But my journey is not over yet.

I live in South Florida and still have that whole state to travel, but I wanted to see my mother before I headed that direction. I don’t really want to rush to head south and will probably find a place to camp out for a week before I go too far south.

That one site near Bascom, FL called Neil’s landing was relaxing and beautiful. I think I will head back there and maybe take a hike up the river to see what I might find.




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