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Blackwater River Boat Ramp Holt, FL

I have to admit my body was telling me to sit still for a day or two and heal, but I started heading down the road anyway. Head-cold or not, I was going to keep on going. I made it about 3/4 the way down 9 mile road in Pensacola when someone offered me a ride. A really nice person was heading to a place called Milton he took me all the way to the camping ground I was heading to.

What a beautiful place it was! It is a little camping ground and boat ramp right in the middle of the State Park, but it isn’t actually part of the state park.

The river is one of the “purest sandbottom rivers in the world”. Yes, I took that off the state park brochure. It curves all over the place and its awesome of you love canoeing.

It was a pleasure waking up to the sound of about 8 different species of birds singing and during the night in the distance you could hear the sound of coyotes howling.

I didn’t really feel like moving this morning so I got a late start. I hiked about 12 miles toward town when someone offered me a ride into Crestview, FL. A really nice person who is thinking of planting a church. I hope he does well with it and hopefully we can stay in touch.

I think if I win the lottery, I would like to own a piece of land or two (or more) that has a river running through it.



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