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Loxley, AL

It is interesting how you don’t remember seeing things sometimes. I’ve been by here several times now and never remember seeing this sign.

I only walked about 1/2 way to Loxley when a lady came by and offered me a ride to the truck stop. I never made it into downtown Loxley, I only stayed on the outskirts. I will admit, I decided not to deal with the dogs and started to make a sign to Pensacola. It didn’t take long for someone to offer me a ride there, if I could help them out with the gas. I didn’t mind because my omen of the deer held true.

Not much else happened in Loxley. I am in Pensacola, FL now and just checked the weather. It looks like I am in for a cool down. I hope to make it to Holt today, but I’m not in any rush.

I seem to have gotten a slight head cold. It’s more a nuisance than anything, but my body is saying to rest and not over do it. I definitely need to stock up on tissues though!

I might take a run down to the beach before I leave here and see if I can get a few pictures. I’ll decide as I’m having my coffee.





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