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Daphne, AL part II

I was hoping to get a photo of the alligators that live here, but they were hiding today. I was also disappointed that the water had that brown look to it like it was in Texas. The couple of times I’ve been through here the water didn’t look like this.


I do suggest that if you pass through here, that you stop by this little park. It’s a boardwalk along the waterway that allows you to visit with the alligators up close. It’s not super exciting, but if you like alligators  you will enjoy the short walk on the boardwalk.

I stopped by the Dicks sporting goods on my way out of town, but they also do not sell parts to the backpack. I think I am just going to have to buy a whole new one, but until then I have a good strap belt that is keeping it held together fairly well.

Heading on down the road, I was stunned! Wow! I see not one, but three deer on the hill. I got a pretty bad picture of them, but here they are. You might have to blow the picture up to see them.


Three deer together always seems to be an omen of good coming my direction. Every single time I see them I always get some kind of awesome blessing. The first time, I got about $100 cash. The last time, I received a $50 gift card to the Longhorn Steak house.

That is a funny story from the past. I thought it was a $25 card and since I spent $17 I decided to just leave the rest as a tip for the waiter. It wasn’t until later that I found out it was a $50 card. Boy, did that waiter get one awesome tip!

I made it to the east side of Daphne before deciding to stop for the night. This morning it looks like its going to be another beautiful day. The high is expected to be about 74 and the sky is beautifully clear.




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