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Mobile, AL

The bus ride  from Lake Charles into Baton Rouge was fairly uneventful. Everyone had told me about the 20 mile bridge that ran across a swamp, but I guess I never really believed it.


It was hard to get a decent photo because it was dark and the bus was flying down the highway. I tried a video to see if I could get a still shot from it. Miles and miles of water.

When I got to New Orleans I was supposed to transfer buses. I went to get my backpack and guess what…. I don’t know if it was on loading, off loading or someplace in between, but the buckle for my waist belt on the backpack was broken. The people at Greyhound said to wait until I get to Mobile and file a damage report.


The bus got to Mobile about 11:30 that night and the girl at the counter didn’t really know what to do about the report and told me to call the customer service people. Customer service was closed at would reopen at 5:00am. Needless to say, I only got about 2 hours of sleep, if that.

I went to the Field & Stream sporting goods that morning to see if they sold backpack parts. What awesome people they were! They tried to see if there were any buckles or old bags or anything that I could use as a temporary fix. They also checked the local bus schedules for me to see if there was a bus that went across the bay.

They had a backpack there that was almost exactly like the one I had and I considered seeing if my brother might buy it and get reimbursed from Greyhound. But after talking with Greyhound I decided not to do that and told the lady at the counter that I don’t carry that much cash with me. I would not be able to get another backpack for several weeks.

I was a little embarrassed when I was talking to the store employee. I said I loved my backpack but only had one issue with it- that in order for me to get my laptop out, I had to unpack everything. He informed me that what I thought was a laptop sleeve was actually meant for a hydration kit.

One of the employees, his name is Mark, from the Field & Stream store offered to give me a ride across the bay if I could wait for another day, so I stayed in Mobile for the night.

There are only 3 ways to get across the bay at Mobile. Two tunnels and a bridge. I had been told that one of the tunnels was very dangerous, which is why they built the second tunnel. And the bridge is on the north end of town and to get there I would have to go through some pretty sleazy areas.

I took a video of the ride through the I-10 tunnel thinking it was going to be kind of scary after all the stories I’d heard. But it didn’t seem very bad at all; it even had a walkway I could have walked on…oh well.

Once through the tunnel, it was a beautiful drive across the bay. I am now sitting in Daphne, AL. I will be heading off toward Loxley in just a minute. Last time I was there, I was attacked by dogs. This time I will have my taser ready for them.

PS… I was given a strap with a buckle now as a temporary fix to the broken buckle. We will see how well it works.




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