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Liberty, TX

I never did make it to the library or the dollar store. I started talking to some people outside a store across from the dollar store and was offered a ride to Beaumont. What an interesting ride that turned out to be.

First stop was the Trinity River. He wanted to show it to me because people camp on the riverside all the time there and next time I go through the town, I will know where I can camp. It might be different when its dry, but there was a whole lot of mud to slosh through. And what in the world is this? I guess he was a little too close to the water when he set up camp.

I actually had the opportunity to meet the person that the tent belonged to. He was trying to figure out how to get it out from that place. I laughed and said, roll up your britches and go wading. I felt bad for him, but you never set up a tent that close to the water, especially when rain is expected.

Beaumont was a chaotic drive to go through. We got misdirected a couple of times and almost got lost. I thought for a moment I was going to get dropped off at I-10, but then it turned out to be the middle of no mans land. A little bitty, not even a village yet, place called Ragley.

We stopped at a park and met some Mennonite women who were roller blading around a little park.


There were very nice to talk to. bit I didn’t learn much about them except they are teachers here only for the school year, then they will be heading back to California.

By the time I was dropped off, it was too dark for me to see much of anything. The ground was still soaking wet. There was a sports complex building here in the middle of nowhere and I decided to stay there for the night under their cover. Boy am I glad I did too, it rained heavy through the night. Water on top of water makes for very large puddles. It was nice though to wake up to the sound of crickets, frogs and birds rather than cars and trucks.

At the entry to the place I was at there was actually a LIBRARY! It was a small little building, but it was still there. The sign on the outside said they were only open a couple of days a week. Next door to that was a Farm Bureau and down the street I found a post office. That was all there was to Ragley.

A couple of miles down the road I got a ride from some more wonderful people, Connie and Josh, who decided to take me down to Lake Charles, buy me lunch at Caso Ole and put me on a Greyhound bus to Mobile, AL.


We promised to stay in touch with each other and I can honestly say I look forward to seeing them again one day.




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