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Dayton, TX

Wow, lots happened to me after my Crosby post. I think it might be the only one here, but I found the laundry mat

It’s pretty cute too- Down home country style and clean, but they have the dryers that cost 1.25 to even start. I don’t like those because if you only need about 15 minutes, it still charges you for 30. But I am happy my clothes are dry!

I was concerned that my now dry socks would be miserably wet again, once I put my still wet shoes on. (No, these shoes are not dryer friendly.) I decided to ad-lib and took one of my plastic bags and made plastic sock covers from it. Each corner of the bag became a toe cover. It actually seems to work pretty well.


When I left the laundry mat a lady stopped to talk to me. She thought I had just hiked down from the city north of here. I think she was a little disappointed when I said no, I just came from the laundry mat. But she was really nice, wanting to give me a huge bag of stuff. I think I disappointed her again when I told her I wasn’t a homeless person, but was just hiking through.

She insisted on giving me something, so I told her I would take only the food items. I turned down anything that was heavy or large because I just don’t need to carry the extra weight, my pack is heavy enough.

I made it about another block down the road and someone else stopped to talk to me. She was overjoyed that I was hiking like that and being a woman at the same time. I seemed to be her hero. I’ve noticed that many women are kind of inspired by the fact that I am doing this.

I made it to the restaurant too late for breakfast. I was disappointed because for some reason I was in the mood for pancakes. When I left there I started down to highway 90 and before I made it up the ramp, another lady stopped and offered me a ride to Dayton.

I almost turned it down, but decided to go ahead and take it. The hottest part of the day was yet to come and it was already about 75.

There isn’t much to speak of here in Dayton. There is a McDonald’s with no plug, so once the laptop battery is gone, I won’t even be able to charge my phone.Liberty is only a couple of hours hike, and they have a library. When I get there I will charge everything up before heading out again.

And just my luck, its raining again! It’s not supposed to rain! The weather thing said it would be pleasant for the next couple of days.Oh well, that one lady that gave me the food also gave me an umbrella, so I’m not too worried.

It rained most of the night, but seems to be clearing this morning. The temp is hovering around 63 and its slightly foggy.

As I started off toward Liberty to find a library or some other place I could charge everything up, a car offered me a ride. Oh man, what awesome people. It was a guy named Andrew and his mother, whose name is Barbara. She took me into Liberty and bought me breakfast at McDonald’s.

She also gave me a little stone she said, “Anytime I ever have any doubt, to hold on to that stone and remember that God loves me.” She told me how she had a friend who was with cancer and she had given one to him and how just before he started the chemo he would hold the stone and remember that God loved him. He survived the cancer. I thought it was a pretty cool story, but then I love stories of how people survive. She gave me a second stone so I could pass it on to someone else.

I have about an hour before the library here opens. That will give me time to find it. Once I am there I will make sure everything is charged (unless it gets charged before I leave here) and then head off to the next little town, which is only about 3 1/2 miles down the road. Hopefully this fog will lift and the sun will come out at least a little bit.

PS…. maybe its just me, but it seems that the further you get away from the larger cities, the friendlier people are. They say good morning, wave and are generally more pleasant. It seems that in the middle of a big city people are paranoid, leery, grumpy and generally are just not pleasant at all.




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