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Crosby, TX


Well, I had hoped for more, but will have to settle for what I got.

What I got was a very late start, almost 1 pm when I headed down the road. I also got a ride from just before the San Jacinto River to Crosby, TX, which is a couple of miles north of Barrett.

The good thing about getting rides is you get some distance and save your feet. The bad thing about rides is you miss photo opportunities. I had hoped to get a photo of the River, but wasn’t able to stop.

It’s not a huge loss though because the river was pretty nasty looking. It was very brown and the sandy beach at the recreation area looked eroded from the heavy rains.

When I got to Crosby, my first priority was to find a laundry. I really need to dry my stuff out. I didn’t find the laundry until this morning, but what I did find was a very, very dangerous road! Oh my goodness…. Talk about being anti-pedestrian friendly. There was no shoulder to walk on and it was a busier than the highway at rush hour. I found out later from the librarian (yes, I found a library) is that particular road is their most dangerous one.

There were lots of places here to set up a tent for the night, but the problem I ran into is they are all covered with water from all the rain. So I settled for sleeping on a church doorstep for the night.

I was asked why I choose churches to sleep at when I cant find a camping area. The answer is simple- next to a hotel it’s the safest place I know to go. No one ever messes with churches and in little towns like this, there usually isn’t a hotel. Here, the closest hotel is about 6-7 miles away (round trip 12-14). So my choices were sleeping in a couple of inches of water in my tent, hike another 2 hours in the dark, or a dry doorstep.

It’s not too bad this morning. The temperature is around 69 and there is lots of fog. I’ll be heading over to the laundry to dry everything, then to the store to pick up some things for the next 6 hours or so.  The next town is Dayton which is about 16 miles away.

It’s funny, 16 miles only takes a few minutes when you’re driving a car, but when you’re walking it takes several hours. I’m going to try to get a charge on my music player- hopefully it’s still working after getting soaked by all that rain. Music makes the miles go by faster.



Not much else to say at the moment.


I will post this when I get to Dayton since McDonalds WiFi here is being finicky. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a photo moment before I leave.




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