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Houston, TX part II

Houston, TX II

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I am so glad I am not in Downtown Houston, they are flooded. Many places getting as much as 7″ of rain. All the gullies and waterways are overflowing with water. In downtown Houston, the news is saying how the sewers are overflowing. I will be happy when the rain is gone and the sun is shining. I might change my name to “Wet Foot”. Water logged feet are not happy feet.

I only made 8 miles yesterday, but I am surprised I went as far as I did. It seemed like every ½ mile it would start to rain again. At one point it poured down for a couple of hours.  I made it to a place called Sheldon, TX. I got here too late to find a good place to sleep for the night, so I decided I would go to the truck stop.

And guess what happens!

A police officer is shining his big light on me and asking me where I was headed. He said someone had called and said they almost hit me because I was walking in the street. I don’t recall any car ever coming that close to me, but oh well. It did get me a ride back to the truck stop.

This truck stop was a fairly decent place, except for the bathrooms being filthy. The food prices were reasonable and there are several restaurants here – Subway, Churches Chicken and a place called Taqueria, which sells different Mexican dishes.

The weather report said it would be raining off and on all night long into the morning. A trucker offered to let me sleep in his truck for the night. I thought that was really nice. He and his friend had been waiting here 5 days for a load.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t room in the cab for my backpack. I had heart failure –even with a rain cover, everything got soaked, even my laptop! To top it off everything on the inside my insulated lunch bag got soaked. I consider myself lucky though. With all the weather that I’ve been through, for this to be the first time everything got soaking wet is pretty good.

It’s about 2 hours to Barrett, TX. Since I won’t be leaving here for about an hour, I will probably stop there for the night.  I hope they have a laundry mat where I can dry my clothes and bedroll.



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