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Houston, TX

Wow, I was definitely tired when I got on that bus heading down to Houston. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep. I woke up around 7 am and was excited to see TREES! And GRASS! I was beginning to feel like I was in familiar territory.

I know that may sound strange, but when you’re in an environment you’re not used to it makes a change in you. I loved seeing the mountains, the desert, the cactus and other flora that goes with the area, but at the same time, it made me miss the beauty that I am used to.  I would love to go back one day and maybe visit the Grand Canyon.

I got a picture of Houston from the bus window and check it out…The HOV lane here actually works! All four lanes of traffic were crawling along and the bus was in that HOV lane just zooming. Down in Ft. Lauderdale, the HOV lane crawls along with everyone else pretty much, it just crawls faster.


I can’t say the bus trip was completely uneventful, the bus didn’t have plugs or wifi, and the driver had been pulled over and ticketed for driving in the wrong lane. And I can’t say getting off the bus in Houston was uneventful either.I think the driver had some kind of issue with me. She told us to get off the bus and go inside. When I went to ask about the bags under the bus, she just yelled at me to get behind the line. Oh geez, that was so not right. All the other buses I’ve been on, everyone stands next to the bus and waits for their bags. So how do I know any different?

Someone said she would be bringing them in, but then she started calling us out one at a time to get our bag. For whatever reason, she made me wait to be last. What she had against me I honestly don’t know, but I will be sending a letter to Greyhound thanking them for such wonderful customer service.

Because the bus had no plugs on it, the battery on my phone had died and I couldn’t look on a map to see which street to take, so I went over to the city transit building across the street to see if I could get a transit map. Must have been my lucky day! I started to set my backpack down on the bench inside and the security guard started yelling at me. What the heck did I do now?  Apparently they don’t allow you to even set down your bags in there ever since 9/11. He could have been nicer about it.

I sure hope the rest of Houston isn’t like this – I might loose my patience.

I started heading out to find Highway 90 and I made it to a nice little suburb of Houston called Cloverleaf when it started to rain. I looked around and saw a covered entry and ran for it. I ended up staying there for the night because every time I started walking, it started to rain.

About 5 am I was woken up by the emergency alert for a tornado warning and then shortly after that I got one for a flash flood warning. I packed up and waited. Fortunately, there was no tornado or flood, and the rain ended up slowing down enough that I could start walking again. I had to take cover again as the deluge of rain started again.

0118170632Fortunately there was a strip mall close by that I could go to. When I got to the end of the strip, I found one awesome laundry mat!

Check this place out, massage chairs, games, vending machines, lots and lots of washers and dryers, about 6 TV screens and to top it off they also had wifi. I don’t think I have ever seen such a nice laundry mat. The lady inside said for me to come in and wait for the rain to pass. Turns out she is a hiker too. She had just finished hiking in the Big Bend National Park. A place called Boquillas Canyon. Oh,the pictures she showed me were beautiful. I’ll put it on my future to do list.

I may be the only person on the face of this earth to get excited about a nice laundry mat, but when you use them as much as I do you begin to appreciate them.

It turned out to be a quick storm that left lots of puddles. My poor feet will be water logged for a while. There turned out to be a bunch of fast food places not too far down the road and right next to the highway I want to be on when I leave. I was a little surprised to find that this McDonald’s does not have the dollar menu like most of them do.

So now my blog is caught up and everything is almost fully charged, so I will be heading out again shortly. Its only about 2 miles to highway 90, then I will be heading east again. The weather will dictate how far I make it, its about 9-10 miles to the next little town.

Hopefully I will have something other than big cities and laundry mats to post.



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