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Oklahoma City, OK part III

All in all, I can’t say my trip here to Oklahoma was a good one, but it did have several good moments.

As I sit here on the Greyhound bus heading south to Houston, I reflect on the happenings of the last couple of days. I can only hope that I can leave the not so happy moments in the past and remember only the good things as disappointment, frustration and bad weather dominated my visit.

I had hoped to leave Oklahoma yesterday, but the bitter cold combined with the rain held me back. My cousin offered to get a bus for me south, but after hiking to the bus station I was met with disappointment when I found out that all the remaining buses were cancelled for the rest of the day due to the weather conditions.

The “winter storm” is over now and the sun actually showed in the sky today warming it up to about 41. All the ice was melting and the crunching of crispy grass under foot was replaced with sloshing as the water puddles grew.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen much of Oklahoma, but did run into some very nice people, including one of the Greyhound station attendant  who offered us a ride back to the library so we wouldn’t have to walk back in the cold rain yesterday.

I wish I had seen more, but only made it to the Salvation Army for shelter, the library for solitude, the YMCA for a shower and the Greyhound bus station for my trip south.

I did make another new friend who has me almost convinced to hike the Appalachian Trail later this year. Other than that, there really wasn’t much for me to see.

Before I got this posted I made it to the Dallas, TX transfer station. My bus was running so late that I had to reschedule the bus down to Houston. It will be 4am before the bus arrives here at Dallas. I hope I can stay awake that long. As I am sitting here waiting a man sat down next to me and I really tried my best to ignore him, but then he poked my arm.

I said go away I don’t talk to people in Dallas. Then I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Oh man, fortunately my taser is just in front of me in my lunch bag. I told him to leave me alone and that I had a taser I would be happy to introduce him to. He said he couldn’t help it. I was interesting and reminded him of Jimmy Carter.

Why oh why do I meet all the weirdos?! Only 2 more hours before the bus arrives. I sure hope I don’t fall asleep.





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