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Oklahoma City, OK II


I was unable to get south enough to stay out of the ice storm.

Not knowing how bad it would be and if my tent could handle it, I chose to seek shelter.

This is my second night here and can only say I will be glad when I am able to leave. I decided yesterday that if its not raining today, that I am going to go ahead and go.

There was a person here that said he could get me a ride with a trucker friend to possibly Ft. Worth. The question is… Is it for for real?

I haven’t taken any photos because of the bitter cold. I don’t know what I’ve done with my warm gloves, so I’m using some fleece footwear to keep my hands warm. The downside to my warm hands is being able to hold on to anything. I will get some more gloves when I find a store close enough.

I’m off for now and will let you all know later what happens. Lets see what the day brings.

Oh! I almost forgot! There is another hiker here. He asked if Id like to join him going on the Appalachian Trail.

I would love to, but business comes first. We will keep in touch and see what happens.





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