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Oklahoma City, OK

Wow! What an awesome ride! When I went to stand at the ramp to see if I could get a ride to Las Cruces, there was actually another person there with a sign to El Paso.

He had just gotten there and said to hang around, that sometimes it helps to look like a couple.

It wasn’t more than 15 minutes and a truck stopped to offer a ride. The guy said he could drop us at Las Cruces, or Oklahoma, or Missouri.

Talk about opportunity. I was trying to figure out how to get to OK without going through Dallas.

So, he dropped the other person at Las Cruces and I rode to Oklahoma City.

Part of the ride was beautiful, part was boring with a lot of the landscape was looking the same after a few miles.

I did get to see a roadrunner for the first time. Unfortunately, it was only a quick peek as we drove past it.

After leaving Las Cruces, we went through White Sands, NM. There is a missle range there and lots and lots of land.

I kept watching as we got closer and closer to this really nice looking mountain. Its called Ski Apache in Ruidoso, NM.

I was told that on the mountain, there is a casino and on top is a ski resort. It looked like there was snow at the top and looked it up. Its 12,000 ft elevation. Oh boy, what a hike that would be! No, I have no plans on going up that mountain, but it was sure pretty to look at.


The almost full moon was rising early. I didn’t think I would be able to get a good photo with it there.

We stopped in Tucumcari, NM at the flying J truck stop for a shower and dinner. Then headed toward Amarillo, TX.

We made it to a picnic area about 54 miles west of Amarillo and stopped for the night. What a beautiful sunrise this morning!


Most of the drive from there was a whole lot of nothing. Flat land, more flat land and wait…. What is that? Oops, too late to take a photo. It was a herd of carabou.  I figured they were too far away to get a decent photo of them anyway.

We passed a guy on a bicycle that had a sign on his back that said he was cycling across America. I wonder if I’ll catch him when I head east on I-10 again. Nothing else spectacular on the trip.

We finally made it to Oklahoma City and may never forget their roadways…. My description “if you like your lunch shaken before digested, these are the roads for you”. Cement roads that make it sound like your stammering…. Bumpity, Bumpity, bump, bump, bump.

I was dropped off at the Flying J and sadly said goodbye to my new friend. I hope one day to see him again.


One more note for today. I contacted the friend I had known online for about 15-16 years. We had hoped to meet when I was heading west, but it didn’t work out.

I had hoped for the meeting this time since I could get to OK. I met him and his son, but not his wife. He took me for a tour of the city and back to the truck stop.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed, but it was a last minute decision, so I can’t expect much more.

In the mean time, the manager of the truck stop said it would be ok for me to stay here for the night because its going to get chilly tonight. And Its supposed to be icy rain here on Friday. I would like to get south before it arrives.

In the morning I will be heading out. When I get to I-10, I will be head east again.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.



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