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Tucson, AZ II

YES! I found the interstate. Unfortunately, it was already dark, so I had to find a place to lay down.

I found a great one too. A security guard found me. Fortunately, he said it was ok for me to stay there. Phew!

I chose not to go through the mountains because I only had one days worth of food and it will take me 4 days to get through it.


Lots of cactus and gravel in this area. If anyone can sneak up on you it’s because you’re deaf. There is also an Airforce base here and lots of jets flying overhead all day long.

I treated myself to breakfast this morning. Fast food everyday is getting old, so I chose to eat at Denny’s today. I also picked up some more food for my backpack.

I’ve made my way to the truck stop. With luck, I will be able to get a ride quickly.

And as I was on my way here, wishing the factory wasn’t in the way of me getting a photo of the sun rising over the mountains, I realized, I haven’t been able to get one yet. Hmmm. .. Maybe I should stick around another day, lol.

Not if I’m Lucky enough to get a ride.

As soon as my phone is charged, I will be heading to the entry ramp, then we will see….



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