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Tucson, AZ

I was able to get a ride all the way from Yuma to Tucson, yesterday. I should have gotten photos of everyone that was in the car. The whole family was there including the puppy. They were nice people, but dropped me off in the not so greatest part of town.

I got here too late in the day to take any decent photos yesterday and at the moment its too dark. But I will try to get some pictures of Tucson before I get all the way out of the city.

Tucson is a different place for sure. The people here don’t seem to be very friendly. I did meet a young boy while walking through. When he saw my backpack he asked me if I had been camping. I said “Yes! You should try it, its fun.” He said when he sees he dad today that he was going to ask to go camping.

I personally think everyone should try camping at least once, because it can be fun, relaxing, adventurous and beautiful. There is nothing that compares to being in the country with absolutely no city lights and seeing the gazillions of stars dancing in the sky.

When I got here I had to take my long sleeves off because it was hot. The temperature was running about 78 degrees and there were no clouds in the sky.

This morning its 50 and the high today is expected to be around 76. I am trying to decide which route to take. I may have to go into battery saving mode for a day or two, but I will get everything fully charged before I leave the city limits.



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