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Yuma, AZ


Well, I didn’t make it very far. Frontage road ended, so I had to figure out a better route. That is when I met my new friend Ron.

He showed me all around this area and took me up to a place called Telegraph Pass.

I do suggest if you visit here that you take time to visit Telegraph Pass. I didn’t go up it, I’ve been doing too much mountain climbing the last week or so. Telegraph Pass is about 4.5 miles up a steep slope and they have a guest book for you to sign when you get to the top.

I went part of the way up in Ron’s little truck. My first time 4 wheeling! I can honestly say it was a beautiful view, even if I wasn’t at the top.

There isn’t much else here though.If you like sand and RV’s you’ll like Yuma. Lots and lots of RV parks, more than anyplace I have ever seen. I’m told its because the snowbirds come down and they live in the RV’s for the winter and then drive back north when it warms up.

I’m heading off to Tucson today. I will be hitching a ride to Tucson, since the road I wanted to travel ends. Have an awesome day and watch the clouds, sometimes they dance for you.




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