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Yuma, AZ

It has been a very cool and amazing couple of days to say the least! When I left Pine Valley, it was beautiful outside. The  temperature was around 45 and mostly sunny. The weather report said it would have showers off and on throughout the day. Hopefully I can dodge the rain.

I will admit it was hard to get motivated. My body was screaming to stay and rest a little longer. I think that the hike yesterday zapped a lot more out of me than I thought. But at the same time I was excited. I had made it over that hill!

I didn’t realize that my hike would once again be an uphill climb today. I thought it would be more downhill. I passed one of the border patrol stations looking for a place to sit down. The border patrol guy asked me if I was ok and I said I just needed to rest. He was really nice, offered to let me fill my water bottles and if I needed any help just to let him know.

I honestly didn’t want to zap myself like I had the day before and decided that I would stop around 3-4 pm whether I found a campsite or not. When I saw the sign that said “Campground 1/4 mile” I was happy. I could break early in the day and set up my tent and rest. It was about 3:30pm when I stopped at what I thought was the campground, but I honestly wasn’t sure. There were no signs posted saying anything, but I did see fire rings. My first thought is that it was a primitive free camping area and decided to set up my tent.

I didn’t even eat dinner I was just ready to go to sleep, even though it was a short walk. I only traveled about 8-10 miles today.

I woke up expecting a frigid cold and didn’t want to get out from my blankets. When I finally did get out around 7 am, I stepped out of the tent to see a border patrol car not more than 50 yards from me. I thought, oh crap, I’m in trouble. But after I went back into the tent to start packing everything up, he just drove off down the road. Phew! I was relieved.

The border patrol people in this area are going to miss me I think. They all wave to me as they go zooming by. I honestly think they are watching over me to make sure I am ok as they are going back and forth doing their daily routine.

I packed up and started heading down the road and look what I found! The campground, lol.01031707511

Oops! Oh well. I checked google maps again, and it didn’t show the campground on it, so I added it. On with the day. I hiked maybe about another 8 miles and someone gave me a lift to the Golden Acorn Casino and travel center. I was hoping to sit for about an hour and move on, when the cashier told me they didn’t have anyplace to sit. Grrr! One thing that is hard for me to tolerate is someone lying to me. The security guy told me I could sit in the truckers lounge and rest for a couple of hours.

When I left there I was hoping to make it to my next sleeping area. I was about 20 minutes away from it when someone offered me a ride and a place to sleep for the night. He was a bit camera shy, but what a nice guy. He was a person who made walking sticks from the dead wood around the area. He said me brings life to the wood and gives them away to older people and disabled people. I stayed at his friends house for the night with their 3 kittens.

I found out while I was there that old highway 80 merged onto the interstate on the other side of Jacumba Springs. Looks like I have no choice but to hitch a ride past this area. What a beautiful hike down the hill.

I tried to get some photos of the native plants and scenery.  The little cactus are all over the place and  I forget what he called that other plant, but that is what he makes the walking sticks out of. The further east I walked, the rockier it was getting too.

A few miles down the road I met a man and his dog. He showed me around his property and  we talked about the woes the dog was suffering. He also showed me an interesting section of statue he said he ran across not too long ago and wanted to know my opinion. I told him it appeared as though the statue was watching over his property, protecting it.

After we talked for a few, I headed off again and it didn’t take long before someone offered me a ride to the gas station and bought me lunch. He said if I was still there in the morning that he would give me a ride because he would be headed that direction.

It took me a while to work up the guts to go sit at the entry ramp because I really don’t like doing that. But I really didn’t have much choice because I’m not allowed to walk on the interstate.

It only took about 1/2 hour and someone offered me a ride. They said they were going to Yuma because his niece was going into surgery to put a camera in her to see if they could figure out what the growth was in her tummy. I sure hope she is ok because she is only 18 and has many years left to live.

Oops, I forgot to tell you I found the border to Mexico.Its a big fence that seems to sprout from the mountains and stretches for miles and miles.

I also got a couple of shots of the beginning of the desert area before the battery needed to be charged on my camera

I am now in Yuma, AZ. I need to find a place to sleep for the night and a route to walk tomorrow. I believe Frontage Road runs along side Interstate 8, but that is for in the morning when I am having coffee. First priority is finding a place to sleep for the night.

I don’t think I will ever get used to being in a city that I don’t know anything about. Have an awesome night :).




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