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Alpine, CA part II

Half-Mile markers? I’m not sure I want to know every half mile I walk, but I guess there are good reasons for that marker to be there. I am still in Alpine because the rain is still hanging around. It’s supposed to be raining all day again today, but at the moment its actually stopped. The weather forecast says the rain will be over tonight and the sun will come out tomorrow, so that is when I will head out again.

I was told a place that I could go to where it would be okay to put up a tent, but a sign on the property says “no camping” among other things. The person who told me about this place obviously doesn’t read signs.

But it is a beautiful place. It’s called Wrights Field in Alpine, CA. It starts off with big rocks and scrub then there is a huge open field that is a nature preserve.


I noticed on the trails that people ride horses through here as well as walking dogs. There are also treasure hunters that wander around looking for the hidden treasure under the mud. While I was walking through the trails, I did see some jack rabbits and an egret, but that is about all. It is a great place to visit if you enjoy hiking.

It’s a shame they don’t allow camping, I am sure it would have been a wonderful place to sleep for the night.

Today I will be off to find the library and maybe watch a movie. I was told that the library is fairly new and should be open for about 1/2 day today. It’s only about a 20 minute walk from where I am.

I just need to stay dry one more day.




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