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Clairemont, CA

Ugh! I think I’ve got dirt in my eye. It’s crying, irritated and swollen. I’m still having trouble finding a decent camping ground that doesn’t cost a fortune.

One is $55 a night for a tent, another is $30 a night and neither of them come with water or electric… yes that is primitive camping. I decided to sleep on the doorstep of a church for the night. I was exhausted and decided I would figure out where to put up a tent in the morning.

I was ecstatic to wake up to 47 Degrees and NO WIND! I decided to go off in search of a plug and some coffee. No coffee, no plug to be found this morning. Most everything is closed because of it being Christmas day. So I just basked in the sun on the bus bench for a few minutes trying to decide what to do. A low and behold a homeless guy told me where I could put my tent up for a night or two. He told me there was a surprise tropical depression that had come through and that was what all the bad weather was.


The problem with where he told me to go is that it was hilly and trying to find a flat spot to put up a tent is not easy. Everything slides downward on a hill. But I found the flattest place that I could and it will work for a couple of days, but I wouldn’t stay longer than that.

Good thing I planned on moving out today. I woke up to a helicopter hovering over the tent! Yikes, I hope I’m not about to get in trouble. I definitely think its time to pack up and scat… FAST!

I was able to get packed quickly and head off to see if I could find a plug to charge my phone and laptop since both batteries were dead. I spent most of the day looking for one and was surprised that all the fast food places did not seem to have plugs.

I finally found a Starbucks that I could plug into. I’m all caught up again and will let you know what happens tomorrow. I am hoping that my great uncles family would like to meet me before I leave, but that remains to be seen. Tomorrow I think I might make my way to the beach and see the coastline in the daytime before I travel back east.

It is time to decide how I am going back, whether I am hiking, or if I am taking a bus, train or plane. Most likely I am hiking, but think I would like to get a bus at least to Tucson. Which route I take from there is the question. My friend in Oklahoma still wants me to visit up there, but I really don’t want to go through Dallas again.




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