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La Jolla, CA

I spent the night at Tracey’s and we didn’t do much but talk and talk and talk. I spent the morning with her and then it was time to head on down toward San Diego. I took the commuter train to Oceanside and was told that in order to get to San Diego, I needed to get on bus 101. Well the bus only went to the outskirts of San Diego, so I decided I would just find a place to sleep for the night and go the rest of the way tomorrow.

Well what a night it was. My GPS on my phone started acting weird and took me in a huge circle, taking me back all the way to where I started from when I got off the bus. Then it started acting weird going bigger and smaller and changing views, then it decided it was time to run out of battery. The people at the CVS told me there was a plug on the outside corner that I could use to charge it.

As I am waiting for the phone to charge, the rains decided to pour down. And then to top things off, a security person came by and  told me I had to leave – rain or no rain. He said “There is a church across the street, go there” It was actually an LDS temple….. HUGE and completely fenced in. If it stops raining long enough, I’ll get a picture of it because it is beautiful.

Anyway, I decided to just sit on the covered bus bench until the rain stopped. It rained all night long, and it was windy and chilly too. Around 2am a marine came by and gave me a hot cup of coffee saying I looked cold. He said I could come into the stairwell of his building to get warm. He also gave me a blanket and pillow so I could get some sleep.

So I got a couple of hours sleep and now I am at McDonalds waiting for the sun to rise and I will be headed on my way to the campgrounds as long as its not raining.



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