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Pomona, CA

I spent the night looking at all the different campsites in the area near Riverside, CA and noticed that a lot of them said you had to have an adventure pass and some of them said you needed a campfire permit in order to have a fire and lanterns. As I have never heard of such a thing I decided to call. When I asked about the campfire permit and the lady told me not to worry about it. She wasn’t going to make me come all the way into the office if I was hiking through and she wanted me to be able to be warm because they were expecting snow tomorrow.

Snow?!? I am totally NOT prepared to camp in snow. Well, I’ll deal with that later, time to hit the road again.

C ( the lady giving me a ride) was a lady that was into hearing about how quantum physics intermingles with biblical scriptures.And she was very much into aroma therapy. My nose it not used to the fumes that her little machine was putting out.

Oh Oh! What is this coming up? It’s the California/Arizona state line! WooHoo!


That is the neatest state line I’ve seen yet. And right after the state line were the windmills, just like the ones in Texas. I didn’t get good pics of the ones in Texas because of the bad weather, but the ones in California came out pretty well.

Lots and lots of windmills. At this point I am really looking forward to this ride being over. I’ve had my fill of sitting, quantum physics and aroma therapy. I’m ready for some fresh air!

C decided to drop me at the Mcdonalds in Corona and a friend of mine arranged to pick me up from there.

Her name is Tracey and I’ve known her online for about 13-15 years. Neither of us remembers exactly what year, but we do remember where we met. I was really cool that after all these years we have finally been able to meet face to face.




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