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Las Cruces, NM

Wow, what a night!

I started hiking out to the Organ Mountain-Desert campground and google maps once again decided I should be traveling a dirt road, lol.


There was a cyclist there that said it goes back over to the highway I need to get to the campground so I decided to head on down it and hope for the best. After about an hour as it was getting dark a friend called me. I told him I couldn’t talk at the moment because I needed to get to the campground. When he said something about me waving down a car, I laughed and said no car was going to come this direction, send me a horse.

Little did I realize…. I came around a corner of the dirt road and met these steer that walked up to the fence to meet me.


Ha Ha! And then there were the people on horses! No, I didn’t get a ride on the horses, they were in a ring practicing, so I just kept on trudging along. The map said it was only about 6 miles total, so I had about another hour to go. I don’t really like traveling down the road at night, but decided if I can make it then it would be worth it and I wouldn’t have to travel tomorrow, I can just enjoy the day.

Unfortunately, after 6 miles, I still hadn’t found the camping grounds. I think google maps might be wrong this time.


I got back on google and decided to try the talking gps feature and after about another mile, it said my destination was on the right. I stared confusingly at what I saw, lol.


It was a fenced in residential community. I threw my hands up in the air and said.. forget it. It was about 8:30 and getting cold. My first priority was to be warm for the night because it was supposed to be in the low 30’s again. So I set up my tent in the dark as best as I could and laid down on the rocks next to the roadside and went to sleep.

This morning when I woke up it was sunny and warm (inside the tent not outside). What a beautiful view. I thought the mountains were breath taking.

I packed up and decided rather than continuing down that road, that I would go ahead and head towards Tucson. Just about a mile or two from the city of Las Cruces, NM, I was offered a ride and here I sit at Arby’s catching up and charging my phone.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings.



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